Diary for Noa


Diary for Noa

A gift for Noa, on her 40th birthday, from her sister.
A diary inspired by a favorite book.


The inspiration for creating Noa’s diary was a one of her most loved books – “Anne of Green Gables” by Lucy Maud Montgomery which tells the story of Anne Shirley, a redheaded vivacious girl, as Noa was as a child.

The diary was uniquely designed for Noa and given to her on her 40th birthday at midnight. It included quotes from “Anne of Green Gables” (some edited) that focused mainly on transitions, as well as, personal messages from loved ones – forty all together to represent Noa’s age.

The last quote in the diary is “I shall keep your lovely present forever” was written by Anne to her soul mate Diana. Noa’s diary encapsulates all the memories, wishes and private moments her loved ones dedicated to her.

The idea of a diary gift shown here can be adapted for either child or adult with his\her favorite book. The quotes will be selected according to the personality and taste of the recipient and the occasion he\she is celebrating.

Each diary is created especially for the specific individual and the quotes will be taken from his\her favorite literary work. So even diaries that are based on the same book will inevitably come out differently since the chosen excerpts will uniquely reflect the recipient.

A gift that sees you…
We are so eager to be seen. Numerous psychologists and philosophers speak of the importance of the way in which the mother sees her child and how being seen gives the baby his own sense of actuality.
This is how I felt when I received the gift. I felt seen. Seen by you, the maker of the gift and all of those who participated. A rare and unique feeling of self-perception, how others experience, think of and know me – and so, an opportunity to look and see myself from outside-in.
It’s difficult to explain in words such a primal sensation of something that simply ‘hits the mark’. I wish all my loved ones to experience such a feeling at least once.