Wedding Anniversary for Lily and Itzo


Wedding Anniversary for Lily and Itzo

A gift for Lily and Itzo, on the occasion of their 60th wedding anniversary, from their daughter.

The anniversary was celebrated with an exhibition of objects of personal value that illustrate and narrate the couple’s love story, their wedding and their life together.


Lily and Itzo celebrated sixty years of marriage, for the occasion their family and friends created an exhibition showcasing items and pictures from their marriage and exceptional love which overcame great distances, constraints and misfortunes; and a love realized against all odds.

The exhibition was a collection of personal items, such that passed from home to home and generation to generation, put away in a forgotten corner and brought to back light, objects from the kitchen, living room and bedroom cabinets, and items borrowed from relatives and friends from Israel and Romania.



The display also included “gifts under cake covers”. The idea came from one of Lily’s memories from their wedding in Romania: “The guests brought cakes, not gifts, but we didn’t care anyway, we only thought of immigrating to Israel”.

In the weeks before the Anniversary event, the guests were sent invitations which included a round box- decorated as a cake, and in it they were asked to put their gift – a nostalgic item they have or any other item bought or created by them.

This formed a display of wedding cakes but these “cakes” portrayed the story of the couple brought together by their closest and dearest family and friends.




This box was created by Iris and inspired by the love letters Lily and Itzo wrote each other in Morse code. The box was embroidered with cherries (representing the dots) and branches (representing the dashes).  In this secret language of Morse, Lily and Itzo’s romance blossomed, despite their parents’ initial objections.

The embroidered sentence can be read using the code in the image. The sentence has three words and the letters are written below each one (and not as customary, from one side to the other ).



How wonderful (it is to) love (in Hebrew).