Wedding Gift for Merav and Perry


Wedding Gift for Merav and Perry

A wedding gift for Merav and Perry, created in collaboration with their parents.

Wind chime installation engraved with the names of the wedding guests, symbolizing the gathering of loved ones and playing the sounds of their connections and closeness.


The inspiration for the gift was an excerpt from the book “Ephraim” by Yoel Hoffman:


Life may have many ways and faces but
the book is a fact. Each body lays where
it lays and only the names (Ephraim and
Yosefa) can be put one inside the other
(Yeophsreafiam) like in a synagogue when
one prayer intertwines with another.


Wedding night

The guests received their wind chimes at the entrance and were asked to hang them on the mulberry tree standing in the courtyard where the wedding was held. Slowly, more and more chimes were hung, of couples, families and friends. The movement of the names in the wind and their touching one another created unique sounds and music.

Chuppa (wedding ceremony under the canopy)

The mulberry tree that had been bare at the beginning of the evening was now brimming with wind chimes sparkling in the light. As the ceremony began the couple walked towards the tree and hung their own engraved wind chime thereby joining the covenant of union.

Video clip

The gift also included footage shot two weeks prior to the wedding showing the mulberry tree with wind chimes, illustrating the cycle of day and night, life and death (as it commemorates the names of loved ones who had passed away). The video was shot by the photographer Eldad Rafaeli and screened during the event. The video shown here is a short clip from of the original video.

Guest’s gift

At the end of the wedding the wind chimes were removed from the tree and given to the guests as a gift.