Four decades to Phillip


Four decades to Phillip

A gift to my friend Phillip, on his 40th birthday, from myself.
Part of a gift collection created by his spouse.


On the occasion of Philips 40th birthday, I was asked to create a gift that focuses on the concept of “balance”.

The inspiration for the gift is based on Phillip’s occupation as an architect and his love for planning spaces according to elements that separate or unite people. This was the thought behind the gift – a path which marks the meeting point between people.

The gift was created while I was playing with its components – ten letters that make up a pair of names, Phillip and Iris – and observing the symmetry created between them. The connection between the names led me to create a graphic structure composed of layers of transparent parchment paper (one of Phillip’s favorite tools when he was a student) and gathered into a sketchbook. Each layer alternatively reveals or conceals the letters and the names combined into various shapes that follow the essence of the concept “balance” and its connection to the number forty.


dearest Iris,
i am still looking and still see new layers… it makes it difficult to write about it because i can not (yet) grasp it in all it’s depth (layers) which is something which i have been experimenting with endlessly in my studies and work and therefore is so close and yet mysterious to me.
Iris you created something for me which i treasure immensely and which moved me beyond anything i can write here to you now…
i received such beautiful personal presents and or objects, stories and thoughts for my 40th birthday which will accompany me from now on, which will be always something i return to and which mark this moment in time – you have no small part in it (on so many levels/layers) and i thank you for it.
i hope you are well,